“The future present is female”.

Women and fashion have come a long way together. From a time when jewellery was just adornment to the times today when jewellery is one of the strongest forms of self-expression for women.

Avant-Garde Paris is a luxury brand that puts its best contribution forward to this revolution by bringing forth the jewellery collection of great finesse, full of colours and ready to make a style statement. Inspired from the streets of Paris, the city of fashion itself, our line of products consists of jewellery that stands out and is meant to be the perfect match for your bold personalities. Beauty is who you are, jewellery is the icing on the cake. Make sure you choose the right type of icing for yourself with Avant-Garde Paris. Channel the bewitching femme fatale inside you, your inner beauty, your style, the extraordinary in the ordinary life with a selection of opulent jewellery, leaving them in awe and wonder, as a little mystery goes a long way.

As Marilyn Monroe said herself, “We are all stars, we all deserve to twinkle”

And Avant-Garde Paris brings all the bling to the town with certified and tested jewellery of great quality, bright, colourful and vogue, crafted carefully with unique designs and is worth every penny spent.

Avant-Garde Paris